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Our brand---DIANJI, is enlightened from a story.Years ago,our CEO contributed some new model of computer top hope primary school in his hometown. Most of the children in the country didn't use the computer before, they feel this computer like a very big book.when click the website, one can learn the knowledge and culture all of the world.

To know the world ,just click. The stands for that the internet has crossed the region,across national borders,also across race and culture,Just one second,narrowing the distance of the world.Slogans from the Mao Zedong fonts composition, nature itself, and strong momentum.It shows one great ambition and implies our determination and confidence that develop our product to be the leading brand computer.

Mushuroom pattern means that we as an private enterprises of mainland China to complete the industrial chain to build computer ds by independent innovation.It is very shocking in the industry as well as the China of 60's, in the very difficult environment,the first atomic bomb tested.

From a distance,the logo represents our courage to challenge the world's highest brand's determination and learn from world-class products, as well as our inherent power.

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